The 5 Stupidest People On The Planet (Are All Donald Trump)

How many times are you allowed to say or do something stupid before you realize you yourself are stupid? Seven times? 24? Butts? Rush Limbaugh has been wrong about 270 things a day for 40 years, and he would be truly shocked to learn he’s stupid. We aren’t good at spotting our own intellectual limitations.

National emergency? Belgians respond to terror raids with cats

An official request for citizens to avoid tweeting anything that could inform terrorists what is going on resulted in a national outbreak of pet pics When, on Sunday evening, Belgian police asked citizens not to tweet about the armed operations that were being carried out around the country, anyone could have been excused for reacting

These Childhood Cancer Survivors Recreated Their Viral Photo Three Years Later

Back in 2014, photographer Lora Scantlings father was losing his fight to lung cancer, so she wanted to do something that spoke a thousand words that would draw emotion. That something turned out to be photographing three little girls battling cancer. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

Little Boy Can’t Hold Back The Tears After Meeting A Tiny Chihuahua Puppy

Sometimes puppies can be so overwhelmingly cute and sweet you could just cry. At least, that’s how this little boy feels. Sweet Zayden was already bursting with excitement when Mom took him to the pet store, but as soon as he got to hold a Chihuahua puppy, he was so completely overcome with emotion that

Mom Shocked at Daughters Arrest for Leaking Secrets

Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor, may be the first casualty in the Trump administrations promised war on leakers. Winner was arrested over the weekend for allegedly leaking top secret information to a news organization, the Justice Department said Monday. The announcement came hours after The Intercept published a series of NSA documents

Sleepy Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby

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Schools Around the U.S. Are Closing For the Day Without a Woman Strike

Wednesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day, and it will also now be known as the “Day Without a Woman.” Grassroots activists who organized the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017, a rally for women’s rights and the rights of oppressed people of all backgrounds, are behind this idea for a one-day strike

You cant pet the pups in Chernobyl because theyre radioactive

When reactor 4 exploded at in present-day Ukraine in 1986, people evacuated so fast that many were forced to leave behind their pets. Now, 30 years later, the descendants of those abandoned animals live in the deserted patch of land 1,000 miles around the plant. 900 stray dogsCloth MapAccording to the documentary, visitors are told

The Crocodile Hunters Son Brought His Passion (and Critters) To The Tonight Show


Illustrator Turns People And Their Pets Into Cartoon Characters

“I got into drawing and Anime during high school,” DeJesus told Bored Panda. “Years later, when I started attending anime/manga shows as a guest around the US, the Anime caricatures became a favorite with my followers and since then I kept making them.” Now, Robert offers custom portraits on his eBay store, where people can