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Fatal Flesh-Eating Disease That Infects Dogs Is On The Rise

Veterinarians are warning pet owners to keep an eye out for a flesh-eating bacterial infection that has killed several dogs in the last two months, as reported by The Independent. Alabama Rot, first identified in the U.S., is a condition that is caused by E. coli bacteria excreting harmful toxins. These toxins tend to cause

Flight attendant adopts stray dog half a world away

(CNN)A German flight attendant had her life veer into a Disney movie territory when she adopted a stray dog from the streets of Buenos Aires. As you read the rest of this story, imagine lush orchestral swells in the background: Olivia Sievers lives in Germany but as a flight attendant she regularly travels to Buenos

This pill could make your dog (and maybe you) live longer

(CNN)See Momo. See Momo run. But there’s a catch Take a look at the labels for Rapamune, made by Pfizer, and Afinitor (PDF), made by Novartis, two drugs that are essentially the same as rapamycin and are used to treat cancer patients and organ transplant recipients. The list of things that can go wrong is

Quokkas Are The Happiest Animals In The World

You might not have heard of the quokka before, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures of them floating around the internet. They’re distinctive because of their cheeky little grins, and it’s no surprise that they’re often referred to as the happiest animals in the world. Show Full Text Quokkas come from the same

What is this dog thinking? Scientists now have some fascinating answers | John Bradshaw

From the myth of the guilty look to the exciting discovery of dogs evolving an inbuilt affection for humans, canine psychology is finding out more all the time Probing the emotional lives of animals is new territory for biologists. A couple of decades ago, emotions were off-limits: scientists studying animal behaviour focused on what they

Sick Fish Couldnt Stay Afloat, So This Guy Built Him A Tiny Wheelchair

Taylor Dean, a 19-year-old Youtuber who creates educational animal videos, just shared a picture of a goldfish in a ‘wheelchair’ – and the Internet is going crazy over it. It was sent to her by a friend named Derek who works in a local aquarium shop. The guy recently had a customer bring in their

Pet Fitness Club Helps Obese Animals Lose Weight See Their Amazing Transformations

“At PDSA we know how much people love their pets. But sometimes they just need a helping hand to make the right feeding and lifestyle decisions. And that’s where Pet Fit Club comes in,” writes the club’s staff on their website. Labrador Duke was double his ideal weight before the Pet Fit Club Twelve-year-old Edinburgh

iPhone photography will help these good boys and girls find new homes through adoption

If you’re a pet owner, there’s a high chance that your phone is flooded with pictures of your pet. And that’s completely understandable. How can you resist that adorable face? Answer: You can’t. That’s also the reason why pictures play a huge role in pet adoption. Photography is critical in appealing to human emotion. People

How Animals Can Help Autistic Children

  Daniel the emotional support duck is a pretty big deal, both in the animal and human world. His 15 minutes of fame began after he was spotted on a flight in the US from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina waddling around the plane in a nappy and some stylish red shoes. Daniel is a

10+ Puppies That Are Too Adorable To Be Real

Our best friend, the dog, has been around for years now, making our lives a whole lot better. In fact, it has been proven scientifically that dogs make us happier and healthier. So they most definitely deserve a day dedicated to them, don’t you think? Turns out, not only is there a day dedicated to