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‘Harry Potter’ actor Jim Tavar tearfully reunites with his very good dog

Earlier this month, actor Jim Tavar was in a terrible car accident that left him with collapsed lungs, multiple broken bones and a broken neck. He spent two weeks in intensive care battling his severe injuries. On Monday, Tavar was able to get into a wheelchair and go outside for one very good reason: to

Here’s Your Daily Moment Of Zen Courtesy Of A Bulldog And Some Blueberries

Lots of people refer to pets as their “babies,” but this French bulldog eating blueberries takes things to a whole new level. Maybe it’s her adorable face or ability to use a fork like a proper little lady, but this pup has her owner completely wrapped around her paw. While I’m over here working and

Rescue dog’s journey from stray to saviour – BBC News

Media captionKatie the stray has found her vocation as a therapy dog Katie’s start was as rough as they get. She spent a year as a stray in the Irish countryside and was seriously emaciated by the time she was rescued. But now Katie is making a huge difference to people recovering from injuries in

Beloved ‘Cloud Dog’ immortalized with nice 10-foot statue

Earlier this month, the University of East Anglia’s student union wanted to motivate students to vote in the school’s annual elections. So they tapped into humankind’s greatest motivator: good and nice dogs. Last October, the campus was devastated when Cloud Dog, a beloved pup often taken for walks around the grounds, passed away from arthritis

Extreme Dog Grooming Is a Real Thingand Its Even Weirder Than It Sounds


Blind girl pets her cat

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Poisoned hot dogs making pets sick, Wisconsin police warn

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Don’t get too excited about these watches made from your pet’s fur

You miss your pet when you’re not at home, right? Totally. This might help: send an airtight bag of its fur to Analog Watch Co., and they’ll (allegedly) send you a hairy “custom to order timepiece” that you can wear everywhere. The new watch line is called the Companion Collection, and it will (maybe) bring

How Dogs Could Make Children Better Readers

Issues around children learning to read are rarely out of the news. Which is hardly surprising becoming a successful reader is of paramount importance in improving a childs life chances. Nor is it surprising that reading creates a virtuous circle: the more you read the better you become. But what may come as a surprise