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Study Reveals That Maybe Your Cat Isn’t A Huge Dick After All

As somebody who lives with two cats, I’ll be the first to tell you that they can be absolute jerks. Simply put, these adorable little shits are under the impression that they run the show — and they’re not wrong. At times it seems like cat owners are actually slaves who only exist to serve

10+ Pics That Prove Dogs Are Better Than A Pillow

As long as it’s supervised by adults, having dogs around babies and toddlers can be good for the kids. For instance, a recent survey made in Finland and published in the Pediatrics journal discovered that babies with dogs are less likely to develop colds or ear infections as infants than the newborns with no canine

Woman Takes Care Of Orphaned Opossum, And Now It Refuses To Be Released Back Into The Wild

Kassalias would have had to completely cut off all contact with Opie to make sure he is still releasable, but she chose to commit to keeping the animal forever. Meet Opie, the orphaned opossum who found a loving forever home with humans “Opie was so sweet he demanded to be held. He climbed up my

‘Planet Earth II’ is the best 4K Blu-Ray ever and the first must-have

The sword-billed Hummingbird, the only bird in the world with a beak longer than its body, looks even better than this in 4X Blu-Ray.Image: bbc earth 4K Blu-Ray disks are what you go for if you absolutely have to have the best TV experience available on the market right now. This new format offers 2,160

12 things we really wish our pets could say

"I need to say something."Image: Drew angerer/Getty Images Pets are magical, whimsical mysteries that come into our lives to make us less miserable. Without pets, we’d just live with humans and honestly, who really wants to do that? If you’re like us, whenever you look at your cat or dog (or ferret, if that’s your

You See Him On TV Every Week — Now Watch Him Break Down At This Touching Tribute

One of the hardest parts of life is knowing that you’ll lose your loved ones someday, including your pets. For many, the loss of a pet is just as devastating as the loss of their human relatives because they’re family members, too. Some people spend half of their lives with a beloved cat or dog