Daily Archive: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Firefighter Wouldnt Give Up On Tiny Dog He Saved From Burning Building

Fires are devastating. More than destroying property, they can take away the things closest to us, including our pets. One firefighter recently pulled a tiny dog named Marley from a burning building and became a hero for the pup and his owner. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

Control your cat’s life from anywhere with this smart pet door

A smart pet door is here to watch every movement your pet makes.Image: sureflap People who want to know everything about their pets have a powerful new tool. SureFlap, based in the UK, already makes a line of products connected to pets’ implanted microchips. Now it’s putting out an app-enabled pet door for cats and

SureFlap has an app-controlled pet door in the pipeline

Finally coming to the pet tech space this summer: an app-controlled cat door that will tell you when your pethas left the building. RIP privacy for pets! UK firm SureFlap, which already makes a range of microchipped-enabled pet products such as feeders and pet doors whichonly open for the correctly chipped (or RFID-collared) pet, reckons