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They fled their home with just their pets and some clothes. Then strangers stepped in.

Driving back to her apartment in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, last Monday afternoon, Rachel Gilliam weaved her way through smoke so thick she couldn’t make out the mountains south of town. “Everything had this brown and yellow haze to it, like there was a sepia filter over the world,” Gilliam says. When she arrived home, she called

People Who Talk To Their Pets Arent Crazy, Theyre Actually Super Intelligent

Whether youre the proud owner of a dog, cat or parrot, you probably talk to your pet all the time. To be honest, it would be a little weird if you never speak to your pet at all but if you ever think talking to your pets is making you crazy, youre (probably) wrong. In

Know The Difference Between House Pets

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What This Guy Made With An Entertainment Center Is Something All Cat Parents Need

Cats are awesome pets, but dealing with their litter boxes is a less-than-fun experience. It seems that every time I enter my laundry room, I’m hit with the overpowering stench and nasty sight of what’s inside their personal bathrooms no matter how often I clean them. I can’t even walk near them without tiny particles

Doodle Your Pets To Take Them On New Adventures

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