Daily Archive: Sunday, April 9, 2017

A grieving baby monkey’s best friend is a teddy bear and wow, just take a look for yourself

Sometimes, you just need to hug a teddy bear when you have a rough day. This baby monkey named Mongkood knows just what that’s like. SEE ALSO: This seal delightedly hugging a toy version of itself is your new wallpaper According to a Facebook post from the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Mongkood (which means ‘crown’)

A contest is looking for the world’s funniest pet photo. Here are 23 of the best so far.

A dog striking a cool-guy pose in a bike basket. A horse gliding carelessly a few feet above the grass. A cat taking a #nofilter Instagram selfie. A panel of experts is currently debating the funniest pet photos on Earth and some of the early favorites are in. Submissions for the Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Drop everything and watch this puppy being sworn in as a K-9 detective

Just a very good pupper doing a swearing in.Image: Courtesy of the West York Borough Police Department Puppies are incredibly high on the cuteness scalelike, well over 10/10, as fans of Dog Rates will be quick to remind you. A puppy being sworn into public service? That’s off the charts, verging onto Internet Hall of