Daily Archive: Monday, April 17, 2017

A Big, Scary Rottweiler Lunged At A Tiny Bunny…Then This Cuteness Happened

If I’ve learned anything from the variety of pets I’ve cared for throughout my life, it’s that they never fail to surprise you. I was always under the impression that cats and dogs were mortal enemies, for example, but now that I’m living peacefully with both (for the most part), I know this assumption couldn’t

Celebrate Easter with this Goldendoodle wearing a basket on its head

You totally got this, Murphy.Image: thatgoldendoodle Hey, Easter Bunny: you’ve been put on notice. Murphy the Goldendoodle is gunning for your gig as floppy-eared distributor of colorful eggs and springtime cheer. The brown-haired Goldendoodle part golden retriever, part poodle recently transformed a plastic cone collar into an Easter basket, replete with rainbow-colored filler and plastic