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30 Pics That Will Remind You What It Meant To Be A Kid In The 90s


This clever photo shoot delivers a hidden message about adopting pets.

Homeless animals are a major problem all over the world. In the U.S., our shelters are jam-packed with millions of cats, dogs, and other furry friends in desperate need of a home. Sadly, far too many of them never find one. But in recent years, a powerful slogan has caught on in a major way:

Scientists are thrilled to find a massive living sea worm in the Philippines

Hidden beneath its tusk-like shell is a jet-black, slippery and slimy sea creature that looks like it came off the set of Alien. Scientists said on Monday that they’ve discovered the first living specimen of a giant shipworm in a Philippine bay. SEE ALSO: Killer whales toss boats like toys while hunting a sea lion

An unsuspecting beaver is the leader of this herd of cows

Congratulations to these cattle on discovering the democratic process. Saskatchewan ranch owner Adrienne Ivey and her husband paid a visit to their herd of 150 heifers on Friday, only to discover that the cattle had recently held a free and fair presidential election. SEE ALSO: Just try not to obsess over this giant, fluffy cat

Petsmart just made what’s reported to be the biggest e-commerce deal in history

Petsmart just snapped up pet supply site Chewy.com in what’s reported to be the biggest e-commerce deal in history. The big box store paid around $3.35 billion for the online outlet, according to Recode‘s sources slightly more than the $3.3 billion Walmart spent on Jet.com in another monster online shopping acquisition last year. The deal