Daily Archive: Thursday, April 20, 2017

DC apartment building says banners must come down after neighbors’ political feud

A political rivalry between neighbors at a Southwest D.C. apartment building caught the attention of Washington Nationals fans over the weekend. At Camden South Capitol apartments just across from Nationals Park, a woman put up a banner reading “Nope.” on her patio with an arrow pointing up to her neighbor’s Donald Trump banner. I became

Big money, big ego, big bills: how to get divorced Silicon Valley style

Divorce is always hard, but it can be particularly messy in a land of huge wealth, alpha personalities and hard-nosed lawyers who dont come cheap The billionaire founder of Zynga, the San Francisco-based company that makes FarmVille, has found himself in (very messy) DivorceVille. Mark Pincus, an early investor in Facebook and Twitter who is

Why Cant Cats Resist Thinking Inside The Box?

Twitters been on fire with people amazed by cats that seem compelled to park themselves in squares of tape marked out on the floor. These felines appear powerless to resist the call of the #CatSquare. This social media fascination is a variation on a question I heard over and over as a panelist on Animal

Whipped Cream Is This Cats Favorite

They say don’t wake sleeping cats (sort of), but this cat happily skips his nap to eat some sweet, sweet whipped cream.

Puppy Pets Bird on Head

Nola the dog loved her best friend Merlin the conure. Whenever the bird was nearby, she gently rubbed his head with her paw as a sign of affection. Read more: http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2017/04/19/puppy-pets-bird-on-head/

We All Know Chameleons Change Color But Seeing It Happen In Real Time Is Incredible

Chameleons are some of the coolest reptiles out there. They’re some of the most unique camouflage artists in the animal kingdom because they don’t just blend into their surroundings — they change their skin to fit in. Chameleons don’t always camouflage themselves, however. They can also be bright and completely stand out, as one panther

Here’s everything that’s coming to Netflix in May

May is shaping up to be a huge month for Netflix, with the highly anticipated return of original seriesMaster of None,House of Cards, Sense8, andUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In addition to a slew of new classic movies and dramas for streaming, we’re looking forward to new comedy specials from Norm Macdonald, Sarah Silverman,and Tracy Morgan. Here’s

Cosplaying Cat Chef Dines With His Mom Every Night In Different Outfit

Maro’s Instagram is not only perfect to get your daily dose of cute, it also takes you on a journey through the world’s cuisine – whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea ceremonies. But the truth is that the kitty isn’t there for the food, but to enjoy his mom’s company. “He never eats the

Hero pet owner turned old TV set into luxury dog bed

A very good dog deserves a very good bed, not the boring ones you can buy at a pet store. Fortunately, that’s where some good ole crafting comes in. Dog owner Jonathan shared on Reddit the ultimate DIY project that’ll make you the hero your dog already thinks you are. To treat his pups, Jonathan