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29 Pics That Prove Kids Should NOT Be Left Alone With the Family Pet


10+ Reasons Why You Shouldnt Leave Your Pets With Kids

#2 You Nose That I Love You #4 I Didn’t Do It. It Was The Dog #6 I Left My Niece Alone With My Dog For 20 Minutes And Came Back To This… #8 I Recently Realized That My 6 Year Old Sister Has Been Modeling Our Dog And Taking Pictures Of It On My

10+ Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

#2 This Cat Discovers Snow For The First Time #4 Foot Why Have You Betrayed Me???? #6 When Your Owner Gets A Dog #8 Over Dramatic Cat #9 Took Porkchop To The Vet Today. This Was The Before And After Pics. This Was The Look I Got The Entire Ride Home #11 We Forgot To