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34 Hilarious Pics That Prove Cats Are the Most Dramatic Animals on Earth


Meet Maru, The Happiest Husky In The World That Is Secretly A Panda

Or, as it says on his Instagram account, he’s a husky/panda/seal cross (don’t ask us how that works exactly) called Maru, and he’s the happiest bundle of fur we’ve ever seen. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because he knows how cute he is, or perhaps it’s because he’s got over 173k followers in Instagram. Does

We would prefer to sit next to this dog wearing a bowtie on our next flight, thanks

There’s the window seat, the aisle seat, and then the seat next to a dapper doggo. Which would you prefer? Twitter user Mark Halperin found himself in the company of a bowtie-wearing dog when he boarded his Delta flight on Friday. While a very cute and good dog, Halperin posted the photo to draw attention