Daily Archive: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Danica Patrick’s wonder-ful new car paint scheme is for the dogs

If you follow Danica Patrick on social media, you know how devoted she is to her dog, Dallas. Now, the Stewart-Haas Racing driver, in conjunction with sponsor Code 3 Associates, is doing something very special to raise awareness for cancer research in animals. Code 3, a anon-profit organization specializing in animal rescue and recovery in

RSPCA warning over keeping raccoon dogs as pets – BBC News

More on this and other local stories from across Lincolnshire The RSPCA said it had dealt with a number of call-outs in recent years to stray pet raccoon dogs that have escaped, or been deliberately released to the wild. Ms Harper added that the animals posed a high level of threat to our native wildlife.

They Heard Rustling In The Bushes And Found This Dog In A Heartbreaking State

Sometimes we laugh when we see our pets getting their heads stuck in containers, but it definitely would’ve killed this pup if nobody had stepped in to help. When animal control officers went out on a call to a neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, they found a dog hiding in some bushes with his head

Not just kibbles: Pets hold big potential for the online shopping industry

Pictured, dogs costing their owners money just by existing.Image: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images If you’re a proud pup parent, you’re not buying any old pet food. You’re buying the special stuff from a place you trust. That’s the dynamic that undergirds the $70 billion pet industry and has helped ecommerce companies flourish despite big box competitors