Daily Archive: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Experience: my dog rescues cats

We needed a quick learner; one small enough to fit into the nooks and crannies cats hide in. Mostly, we needed a dog with no desire whatsoever to chase cats Molly is the worlds first trained cat detection dog. Her job is to rescue missing moggies. We had been looking for a dog with a

No One Wanted This Puppy Because It Was Different, So Hilary Duff Decided To Adopt It

The newborns were half pug, half Chihuahua, so the staff called them “chugs” and named them Mojito, Mimosa, Daiquiri and Piña Colada. “We offered to spay the mom for free, but sadly they declined our offer,” Love Leo Rescue’s president, Sasha Rose told The Dodo. “We run a free spay and neuter clinic for low-income

The RealReal is opening a real store in New York (and other news from CEO Julie Wainwright)

At an The RealReal founder and CEO Julie Wainwright, who is renowned instartup circles for a variety of things, including her role inexist. The RealReal has, meanwhile, garnered $123 million in venture funding and is on track to see $500 million in gross merchandise value this year nearly half of it through the companys mobile

25 Times People Managed To Mess Up Some INCREDIBLY Simple Tasks