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First Grader Has Accidentally Hilarious Inappropriate Description of Their Mom

Kids are so innocent, or so they would like us to think. And when it comes to learning how to write and spell, that’s no easy task for a kid, especially one in first grade. But for those of us “mature” adults, their mistakes can be kind of hilarious. Take for example this assignment completed

This Woman Wore Her Engagement Ring For a Whole Year Without Even Knowing It

…AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK Load Comments Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/this-woman-wore-her-engagement-ring-for-a-whole-year-without-even-knowing-it/

Smart home security camera can tell you when to walk your dog

There are dozens of smart security cameras out there that can monitor every aspect of your home while you’re away. But the team behind Lighthouse, the latest security cam newcomer, thinks its product is going beyond the competition. Lighthouse is a smart home camera that doubles as an “interactive assistant.” Lighthouseuses “deep learning algorithms” to

10+ Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

#2 I Love You So Mud #4 My Dog Has Mud Skills Man #6 Little One Got Stuck In Ditch, Big One Went In To Retrieve Him. No Pup Left Behind! #8 Just Washed My Dog, I Think Its Safe To Say The Games Are Over #9 I Just Had The Best Time Ever #11

20 People Share the WORST Mothers Day Gifts They Ever Got

I’ll never forget the year I was playing at my friend’s house when I suddenly realized it was Mother’s Day. Luckily, my friend’s parents were having a garage sale, and her mom (who was friends with my mom and no doubt laughed herself silly later) convinced me that my mother would love the giant, daisy-shaped,