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20 Historical Figures Who Offered Up Legendary Last Words On Their Deathbeds


Overweight Aberdeen cat Pumpkin chosen for pet slimming finals – BBC News

‘Wedged in’ Owner Chelsea Mullen, 21, from the Bridge of Dee area of Aberdeen, has owned Pumpkin and his sister Munchkin – who is not overweight – since they were kittens.

Dont be sniffy if you smell like a dog

New research debunks the belief that humans sense of smell compares poorly with that of our canine friends Dont you wish you could smell as well as a dog? Actually, you probably can. In a paper published in the new issue of smell scientist and psychologist Avery Gilbert thinks that Broca wasnt so far from

He Approached A Stray Dog On The Street. What He Did Next Will Warm Your Heart!

Rob Dyrdek Posts Moving Tribute To Big Black After His Death: My Heart Is Broken

OnTuesday, Christopher Big Black Boykin of the hit MTV series Rob & Big passed away. TMZreports it looks like the beloved body guard suffered a heart attack. He was 45 years old. Attention then turned to Rob Dyrdek, who was like a brother to Boykin and soared to fame with him on Rob & Big