Daily Archive: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A 3-Year-Old Did a Reddit AMA and Its Hilariously Pure

As you’ve no doubt heard (or experienced for yourself, if you’re a parent), toddlers are one hundred percent convinced that they know everything. One Texas dad, twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Clark, brilliantly realized that this fact could be comedy gold on reddit, where Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads allow people to anonymously answer random questions from random

Cat Goes To the Groomer and Comes Back Looking, Well, Like This

…AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK Load Comments Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/cat-goes-to-the-groomer-and-comes-back-looking-well-like-this/

Veterinary nurse turns post-surgery animal casts into works of art

Up there on the list of “most heart-wrenching things ever” is seeing a pet in a cast. Pets, as good and pure beings, don’t deserve to feel any pain or have to go through any suffering. But alas, animals are no more immune to illness and injury than we are. So all we can do

People love South Korea’s First Pets so much, there’s fan art of them

The internet loves cats. And puppers. And doggos. So you’d be pleased to find out that South Korea’s First Pets are all from shelters, and that they’re cute as heck. SEE ALSO: A thirsty internet descends upon the South Korean president’s hot bodyguard South Korean President Moon Jae-in introduced his cat Jjing-jjing to the country’s

This 63-Year-Old Teacher Was Mistaken For a Fashion Icon and It Changed Her Life Forever