Daily Archive: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Graduate chihuahua earns a bachelor’s degree in being cute

Graduating class of 2017, there are a few people you need to thank for getting you to where you are today. Your parents for literally everything. Your family for their love and support. Your friends for their understanding and guidance. Most importantly, your pet for always making you feel better when you stressed about finals,

DogParker is now available to protect your pooch

Dog theft is a national scourge. Dogs are disappearing everywhere and there is no end to in sight to the epidemic. While most dogs leave of their own accord they are learning to loathe us those who dont wish to lose their pups on the go can use last year and now theyve expanded their

Why this movie is the most important of the Trump era | Jack Bernhardt

Nine Lives may be a film about Kevin Spacey being turned into a cat. But it speaks directly to Donald Trump, telling him to change. Its an attempt to alter the course of humanity Great art speaks truth to power: Shakespeares King Lear, Picassos Guernica, Atwoods The Handmaids Tale. It provokes, it challenges, it implores