Daily Archive: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Selling Dog Meat May Be Banned At This Year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival

However, officials in Yulin did not confirm the ban when questioned by media outlets, leading some to question whether the purported ban is happening at all. Dogs set to be killed at a market preceding the 2014 Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. But city officials would not confirm any ban at all when both The

This Awesome Boy Used His Allowance To Do Something VERY Cool at the Animal Shelter


Recycling: Seven things you can do with a Pringles can – BBC News

The distinctive Pringles tube has been branded a “nightmare” by recycling bosses because of the material it is made of. The Recycling Association says the combination of a metal base, plastic cap, metal tear-off lid, and foil-lined cardboard sleeve make it one of the most challenging items to recycle. So what else could these pesky

Ligers and tigons: activists aim to outlaw ‘inhumane’ breeding of frankencats

USDA petition calls for an end to interbreeding of large felines, claiming the practice clashes with federal laws because of increased odds of health problems A coalition of US conservation groups has launched an attempt to outlaw the breeding of so-called frankencats, where big cats such as tigers and lions are crossed with each other

A Breakdown Of All The Fuckboys Competing For Rachel’s Love On ‘The Bachelorette’

Buckle the fuck up, because you’re in for a real treat as we get to know the new cast of. Sure, producers have cast Rachel as the no-nonsense, looking-for-a-husband type girl, but some of the clowns they picked out for her even make Pinocchio’s pervy older brother Nick Viall look like prince charming, and we