Daily Archive: Monday, May 22, 2017

Cameras and garlic chicken used in Bella and Blake search – BBC News

Image copyright Natalie Haywood Image caption Dog wardens are out looking for Bella, who is seven weeks old A 1,000 reward for their recovery has been offered by ITV presenter Philip Schofield. Thousands of people have joined a Facebook group set up to find the pets, and many have joined the searches. Related Topics Animals

Soon There Will Be A ‘Rat Cafe’ Where You Can Dine Among Rodent Pals

For two days this summer, San Francisco will be host to a pop-up rat cafe, where patrons will be able to enjoy coffee and pastries in the company of the critters, the San Jose Mercury News reports.The San Francisco Dungeon, a tourist attraction where actors reenact bits of the regions history, will be hosting the

5 Billionaires Who Pulled Some Monstrously ‘Rich Guy’ Moves

Have you ever seen those interviews where they ask lottery winners what they intend to do with their millions, and their answer is something like, “I’m gonna get the air conditioner in my trailer fixed!” because they don’t fully grasp the terrible power that is now in their hands? You know who does grasp it?

White House pets, ranked

For far too long, White House pets have escaped public criticism, shielded by a facade of cuteness. It’s time to break that precedent and admit the truth: not all White House pets are created equal. Some are fluffier than others, and some just have quirkier names. In order to determine each and every pet’s worth

Meet the New Miss USA, the Beauty Queen Who Works as a Nuclear Scientist