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This 11-Year-Old Girl Had Savage Response To Her Teachers Class-Wide Punishment

They say if you want an honest answer, ask a kid, and that’s exactly what the teacher of eleven-year-old Ava Cross did and now they might regret it. …AND GETS ALL UP IN YOUR FACEBOOK

Texts That Are Funny Every. Single. Time.

Most of the time texts are pretty basic and not worth keeping around. But then there are times that you come across a text that is so unexpectedly funny that you have to save it, re-read it, share it, and then read it again and again. These are way funnier than they have any right

Nobody Loves Their Pets More Than These People Love Their Pets

Do you love your pet? No, I mean, do you really love your pet? Because these people below will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that their furry friends are not only part of the family, but a very spoiled part of the family. But considering what pets put up with,

The Donald Trump pet playhouse will grab your cat’s attention

Donald Trump loves cats, believe me. Now, your petcan show himthe same sentiment with theDonald Trump cat playhouse. Regardless of your political beliefs, we can all agree that a giant boxy Donald Trump head doesn’t do muchfor anyone’s living room aesthetic. But it’s real, and maker Fuzzuhas clearly designed this accessory with your cat in

Over Half Of Us Would Break Up With Our Partner If Our Dogs Didnt Like Them

I like dogs, but I wouldnt really describe myself as a dog person. You see, other than my goldfish, I didnt really grow up with pets, so I dont really know how to act around dogs. Im not super scared of them, and I definitely dont dislike them. In fact, I think theyre cute. But