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‘Our streets are made for people’: San Francisco mulls ban on delivery robots

A San Francisco based tech start-up is fighting calls for its wheeled delivery robots to be banned over public safety and delivery job loss fears A hi-tech start-up aiming to bust congestion and reduce pollution with wheeled delivery robots is facing a backlash from the very city it is aiming to help. Order a delivery

Animals With Unbelievable Camouflages Abilities

Via: 2 Merlet’s Scorpionfish 10 Truly Amazing Animal Camouflages – Listverse Via: 4 Tawny Frogmouth 10 Truly Amazing Animal Camouflages – Listverse Bored Panda Via: 7 Via: 8 Underwing Moth 10 Truly Amazing Animal Camouflages – Listverse Via: 10 Via: 11 Dead Leaf Butterfly 10 Truly Amazing Animal Camouflages – Listverse Via: 13 But Aren’t

6 WTF Excuses Companies Actually Used While Getting Sued

For plenty of businesses, lawsuits are almost like a rite of passage. You’re not successful until someone is trying to sue you for every last staple in the office. But in order to win, companies are often willing to exploit every legal loophole known to man — or whatever species corporate lawyers are. Sometimes that

10+ Of The Best I Dont Own A Cat Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans

If you thought that it’s humans who choose their pet companions, you’ve been wrong all along. Cats are known to have their own special way of doing things and follow their own logic behind it. Picking their masters (or servants) is no exception. Some charm their way into adoption through gentle purring and the disarming

What Happened To This Big Game Hunter Proves That Karma Is Real