Daily Archive: Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brazilian City Suffers Spate Of Vampire Bat Attacks

An unusual pest is causing chaos among the residents of a northeastern Brazilian city: vampire bats. Over the past three months, vampire bats have bitten over 40 residents and even killed one man around the city of Salvador in Bahia, the local health authority (SESAB) and public news agency Agencia Brasil reports. The victims were

Mom Shocked at Daughters Arrest for Leaking Secrets

Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor, is the first casualty in the Trump administrations promised war on leakers. Winner was arrested over the weekend for allegedly leaking top secret information to a news organization, the Justice Department said Monday. The announcement came hours after The Intercept published a series of NSA documents claiming

Right-wing commentator’s ‘dumb’ tweet gets very British responses

There will always be people who try to use terrorist attacks and tragedies to advance their own agenda. SEE ALSO: Man fleeing London attack with beer in hand becomes unlikely symbol of London pride That’s the case for right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec (formerly of Rebel TV) who attempted to explain why terrorist attacks never happen

This is a major problem for the Apple HomePod

Image: apple Apple announce that it will finally be releasing a home speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. A little late, but with Apple’s logo on it, it should become a permanent piece in the homes of Apple fans. Mashable referred to the product as the “Siri-powered Amazon Echo killer,” but