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Why Cats Are Better Than Us (18 pictures)

Via: 2 They Are Very Easily Entertained Babble Via: 4 They Look Better In Suits Babble Via: 6 They Are Adorable When Mad Babble Via: 8 Those Whiskers, Those Purrrrs, THOSE EYES! pinterest Via: 10 They Let You Know When They Are Unhappy And Don’t Keep Their Emotions To Themselves Reddit Babble Via: 15 But

Rex saved his partner’s life. And then, years later, she saved him.

When Megan Leavey first met Sgt. Rex a bomb-detecting German shepherd they got off to a rocky start. But through training, the pair worked long and hard to gain each others’ trust a trust that would be tested in over 100 missions after they deployed together as a bomb-detection team in Iraq. Over the course

John Oliver explains why Lord Buckethead is the only person who can save us from Brexit

“British politics, when done well, can be very fun,” John Oliver said in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight on Sunday. Oliver, our greatest explainer of all things UK, broke down the special elections and its impact on Brexit, as well as who exactly Lord Buckethead is and why Prime Minister Theresa May needs

Even the dog community is celebrating LGBTQ pride this year

Image: drew angerer/Getty Images President Trump may not be celebrating LGBTQ pride this year, but at least these dogs will. Dogs were out in full rainbow force this weekend as cities across the country marched and twirled for Pride. And yes, they’re dogs and therefore technically incapable of having a public position on same-sex marriage

Ruff justice: Chinese city institutes ‘one dog policy’

Owners with more than one canine in Qingdao must give others to an adoption agency under controversial new law For decades, China harshly enforced its one-child policy through forced abortions and hefty fines. Now the government in one Chinese city is seeking to exert control over another segment of the population, limiting households to one