Daily Archive: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

First Global Analysis Of Alien Species Reveals World’s “Hotspots”

The worlds first global analysis of the distribution of established alien species has revealed the hotspots where aliens are taking hold. Alas, we are not talking about I want to believe aliens of the little green men variety, but invasive species that have rocked up somewhere that isnt their natural habitat, looked around and said

10 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

As far as canine food, the best thing is to stick with the dog food your veterinarian recommends for your pet, but it’s natural to want to give treats every now and then. That’s well and fine, as long as you avoid using these foods. Via: 2 Peaches, plums, and persimmons Pexels If you live

Granddaughter disguises precious dog as baby for a heart-warming reason

A good granddaughter has to do what she has to do, even if that means breaking a hospital’s ‘no pets’ rule. SEE ALSO: Carry your kitty in this adorable kangaroo pouch hoodie A 21-year-old veterinarian technician’s grandma was laid up in a hospital and really wanted to see her dog, despite the facility’s reluctance to

Hands on with Logitech’s Logi Circle 2 Wi-Fi home security camera

Left to right: Circle Cam 2, Circle Cam 2 (wireless), Circle Cam (wired).Image: RAYMOND WONG/MASHABLE Logitech, makers of seemingly ever kind of computer accessory imaginable, is giving its well-received Logi Circle home Wi-Fi connected home security a complete overhaul. The company’s new Logi Circle 2 security camera isn’t just smaller, it’s also modular this time

10 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Actually Healthy

Youre the happiest youve ever been. Everything about your new relationship feels like a dream that you didnt see coming. In fact, it feels so, so perfect. Despite the overwhelming joy, atiny part of you cant help but wonder if its all sustainable and thats OK. Although you may feel happy in the moment, its