Daily Archive: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Latimer Grange home ‘humiliated’ deafblind dementia patient – BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionA dementia sufferer was made to sit in a chair soaked with his urine, his daughter says A deafblind dementia sufferer was made to sit in a chair soaked with his own urine by a care home manager, his daughter has claimed. Rhona McKinlay said 84-year-old William

Heartbroken Puppy Leaves Food For His Dog Friend Who Died And Twitter Is Sobbing

Anypet owner knows just how heartbreaking and confusing it is to say goodbye to a furry companion,and a now-viral tweet proves the loss is equally confusing for other pets in the family. On June 11, Twitter user @_EasyBreasy_ shareda photo of his dogs half-eaten kibble with a note that will shatter your heart into pieces.

The 5 Dumbest Corporate Slapfights That Affect What You Buy

In the course of one trip to Amazon to order beer, Pringles, and a dildo, you’ve accidentally entangled yourself in dozens of petty corporate slapfights going on behind the scenes. The jockeying for everything from shelf space to label wording is both brutal and absurd. For example … 4 Food Manufacturers Keep Suing Over The

Ruff justice: Chinese city institutes ‘one dog policy’

Owners with more than one canine in Qingdao must give others to an adoption agency under controversial new law For decades, China harshly enforced its one-child policy through forced abortions and hefty fines. Now the government in one Chinese city is seeking to exert control over another segment of the population, limiting households to one