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Her Kids Pleaded To Get Out Of The Car. When Mom Refused, They Died A Slow Death.

Photos Capture Happy Pets On Their Birthdays!

Dump A Day Via: 3 Someone Is Hungry Dump A Day Via: 5 Via: 6 My Birthday… I Can Do What I Want Dump A Day Via: 8 Via: 9 Via: 10 Via: 11 Via: 12 Via: 13 Via: 14 Via: 15 Via: 16 Via: 17 Via: 18 Via: 19 Via:

How the ‘Ear Hustle’ podcast tests the limits of free speech

Ear HustleThe series, which launches this week, won the first contest put on by Radiotopia to try and find new talent and diversify the network. The show had to beat 1,537 people from 53 different countries to secure the gig. This is hardly the toughest challenge the creators have had to face, though. is brought

Lola is the talking AI pup that prepares you to own a real dog

Lola teaches you to be the best pet parent before you even take your pup home.Image: Matt cardy/Getty The future of talking bots is here, and it goes by the name Lola. Okay, Lola won’t answer all of your general questions and set reminders like Alexa. But it could hint at talking bots to come