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Hilarious Pictures Caught At The Perfect Moment

Via: 2 Oh My… A Spider The Meta Picture Via: 4 And Now I Shall Hover The Meta Picture Via: 6 This White Stuff Is So Fluffy… Just Like Me! The Meta Picture Via: 8 BALL! Via: 9 Love Flying At This Time Of Day The Meta Picture Via: 11 I Got The Donut! I

7 Horrifying Pest Infestations You Had No Clue Were Possible

The occasional big-cat rebellion aside, humans have the run of the animal kingdom. We own this world, and those damn beasts are lucky we leave them even a sliver of Amazonian jungle to creep around in. But sometimes, critters get sick of us telling them where to go, and they strike back by invading whatever

Kim Kardashian picked an interesting time to adopt two identical puppies

Kim sees your human twins, Bey, and raises you two puppies.Image: GC Images Look, we’re not saying there’s any wrong time to announce that you’ve brought two literal snowballs into the family, but right after news that Beyonc’s twins were born is an interesting choice. Especially if, like Kim Kardashian, you’re rumored to have some