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15 Super Weird Things You Never Knew About Cats

It’s not news to anyone that cats are strange creatures. The slinky felines have taken over our homes and our Internet memes. They spit up hairballs, poop in boxes, and sleep 16 hours a day. And somehow, these traits make them desirable pets. Their everyday habits are bizarre enough, but there are some lesser known

Every Day This Dog Goes Shopping All By Himself, Returns With Bags Full Of Food

As soon as the doggie gets his food, he simply heads home. Of course, the shop doesn’t just give Pituco his food for free. Agro Pet puts everything the canine grabs on a tab, and later the dog’s humans come by to pay. Pituco, what a clever boy you are! I think all of us

Mike Pence has a new puppy, and also lots of other pets including a rabbit named Marlon Bundo

Marlon Bundo, the Pence family rabbit, is going to have to share the spotlight with a new puppy.Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Vice President Mike Pence keeps filling Trump’s pet-less White House with his own collection of animals. SEE ALSO: Presidential pets, ranked Over Father’s Day weekend, Pence was back in Indiana where he was surprised

Loving your pets

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