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This Determined Snake Said To Hell With Gravity When It Caught Its Meal

Women Shows The “Dirty” Side Of Fostering A Pet By Posting About A Poop Explosion

Via: 2 Nadinic Posted about a unique experience she had with one of her new 3-week-old foster kitten, Sansa. She called it a “Poop Explosion†Instagram Via: 4 Amber Nadinic was not about to let that happen, but she also made sure to show people the sometimes dirty aspect of fostering. Instagram Amber Nadinic was

South Korea’s new presidential pooches, and why they matter

(CNN)When South Korea’s new president Moon Jae-in took up residency in the Blue House last month, his choice of pets raised some eyebrows. The mere image and civil act of Korea’s new president showing compassion for abandoned and abused rescue animals will be both positive and powerful. South Korea is a modern country, but its