Daily Archive: Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Creative Adopt a Meme’ Campaign Turns Adoptable Pets Into Funny Memes

The SPCA in Singapore has implemented a new campaign called ‘Adapt-a-meme’ which utilizes the popular meme and gifs culture to help find homes for their adoptable pets. The campaign intends to encourage people to adopt furry friends in need, as appose to buying them.  The campaign created a series of cool animated GIF memes featuring

Two Baby Orangutans Are Rescued After Being Discovered In A Suitcase

Thailand’s Customs Guards searched a Malaysian man’s vehicle at the border control in Thailand and found a shocking discovery… Getty Two baby Orangutans were discovered packed in a suitcase by a 63-year old Malaysian smuggler. Shocked custom guards stopped the man in order to search the rest of his vehicle.  Smuggler, Ismail bin Ahmad, was

The Sometimes Sh*tty History Between Humans and Dogs

When we think about dogs we imagine the most lovable, devoted, and loyal of all animals. Dogs, we all know, are always excited to see you and never judge you for forgetting their birthday. But in the millennia since dogs became domesticated by humans, they havent always been seen as mans best friend and often

Watch As A Seriously Clever Pooch Goes Shopping All By Himself