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As a carnist Im conditioned to accept meat-eating is natural | Comment

Comment: In a bid to live more simply and eat more ethically does rearing your own livestock for sustenance raise more questions than it answers? A novice farmer responds Have you eaten pork since they arrived? The question comes as I stare at my two 12-week-old piglets. I dont know. Did I have a sneaky

This coat hanger will eliminate odor from your clothes

Panasonicinvented a gadget that will take the funky smell out of your garments. First spotted by Engadget, the “Deodorizing Hanger”is a coat hangar that makes your filthy clothes smell clean. All you need to do is find the strength to individually hang your clothes, and the deodorizing coat hangerwill do the rest.The strange device has

10 Crowdfunded Products That Actually Delivered on What They Promised

Online crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo can make you an overnight success, if you play your cards right. But sometimes backers can get duped into shelling out cash for useless applications of technology (think, hypothetically, of an expensive juicer featuring bags you could just…squeeze by hand). The best way to avoid these expensive

Dog models run-way ready ear hair and the internet can only dream

Beachy waves are a great summer style for anyone who wants to look trendy yet low maintenance. If you’re having trouble getting the perfect soft curls, then Twitter user Kerbie Gibbs has the solution. pic.twitter.com/oPBtFWazwK Sierra (@24penguinsierra) June 25, 2017 same here!! pic.twitter.com/jFk28BqQkq miss pakora (@MeanPakora) June 26, 2017 So does my cat pic.twitter.com/Pg2EsMEKH7 (@workftdrake)

Leaping Whale Nearly Capsizes New Jersey Fishing Boat

The force of the massive creatures heave from the water rocked the boat and flipped a fish into its bottom. Ziolkowski, of Atlantic Highlands, was fishing with companions not far from the Verrazano Narrows separating Staten Island and Brooklyn when the whale suddenly appeared. Ziolkowski boasted: I got it on film, too! Seconds before the