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Kim Kardashian sparks Puppygate as Twitter poll to name North’s dog goes nuclear

10+ Times Pets Were Caught Red-Handed

Sometimes our four-legged buddies get caught in the scene of the crime red-pawed and with plenty of evidence to prove they were up to no good – and then their ‘wasn’t me’ facial expressions are just epic. #2 How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You? I’ve Been Finding Thumb Tacks In

These Kickstarter campaigns are really getting us excited

The BELLAFIT bracelet fits over your tracker to transform it into a glamorous accessory.Image: bellafit / kickstarter Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Kickstarter has created a wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs. From video games, to 3D printers, to VR headsets, the crowdsharing platform

Chill dude expertly removes one of the world’s deadliest snake from a home

A snake wrangler was called in after a woman discovered a snake inside her home in Durban, South Africa. What was initially believed to be a harmless intruder was anything but. Turns out it was an 8-foot black mamba, an extremely venomous snake known as one of the most deadliest and fastest snakes in the

Dogs Werent Always Mans Best Friend

When we think about dogs we imagine the most lovable, devoted, and loyal of all animals. Dogs, we all know, are always excited to see you and never judge you for forgetting their birthday. But in the millennia since dogs became domesticated by humans, they havent always been seen as mans best friend and often