Daily Archive: Friday, June 30, 2017

Wolves Can Form Attachments To Humans, But Can’t Become Pets

When wolf pups are raised as dogs, they start to become attached to humans, a news study has found. But this is where the similarities end, as the wolf still retains its wild tendencies and can never be fully domesticated or turned into a pet. Researchers undertook the study as early experiments have suggested that

Why You Don’t Need To Panic Over The Plague Cases In New Mexico

While plague might make you think of mind horrific scenes of miserable Medieval folks dying en masse and yes, the Black Death was caused by plague the average United States resident doesnt need to panic over the news. That said, plague caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis is an extremely serious illness. If you live

8 Damn Good Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Dogs

Sometimes, dog owners may get a bad rep for liking their fur baby more than people. Once you have a dog of your own, though, you just understand. The love between a person and their pup will change them both for good. Dogs have a way of teaching people a lot of things about life

This Pilot’s Secret Life Was Revealed When Police Found Three Murdered Women

ATMs Dispense More Than Money: The Dirt And Dope Thats On Your Cash

We live in a dirty world. Wherever we go, we are among microbes. Bacteria, fungi and viruses live on our phones, bus seats, door handles and park benches. We pass these tiny organisms to each other when we share a handshake or a seat on the plane. Now, researchers are finding we also share our