Daily Archive: Saturday, July 1, 2017

‘Alarming’ rat lungworm parasite spreading through Florida, researchers warn

A parasite that can cause meningitis in humans and animals is spreading throughout the state of Florida, with health officials fearing that it may be in other areas throughout the southern U.S. The parasitic roundworm, known as rat lungworm, is native to Hawaii and tropical locations, and while small studies have previously placed it in

Despicable Me 3 review aspartame-rush animation that is starting to run out of steam

The third helping of the blockbuster Despicable Me series featuring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig makes all the right moves but to incrementally less successful effect The Despicable Me series has shown there is life outside Pixar and Disney, both commercially and artistically, in the blockbuster animation world, with its sentimental-querulous figurehead Gru (voiced by

This Precious Baby Was Raised In A Chicken Cage, But You Have To See Him Now

Florida police officer found lost doggo 200 miles away from her home

Being lost is a scary feeling, but imagine if you were a lost doggo away from your family. Though it must have been terrifying, one brave pet stayed strong while away from home for five months. A police officer from the Pembroke Pines Police Department in Florida found a lost little Pomeranian on the side

Which States Have The Fattest Cats And Dogs?

On Tuesday, veterinary clinic chain Banfield Pet Hospital released their annual report on the state of pet health, based on data from the 2.5 million dogs and 505,000 cats treated by the chain of more than 950 clinics. This years report includes a special focus on overweight pets, and the company compiled a list of