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The Real Problem With Lena Dunham And Her Dog

An animal shelter in Brooklyn claims the 31-year-old creator of HBOs Girls series lied about her dog Lamby, who she recently gave away because, she said, it has behavioral problems. (Shes previously tweeted about Lambys Prozac prescription). A post shared by Lamby Antonoff-Dunham (@lamby_antonoff) on Jul 6, 2017 at 7:14pm PDT But beyond that trifecta

These Celebrities Welcomed Furry Family Members Home in 2017!

These are just a few that made it to our list and we know there are so much more who are adopting! Take a look at the newest and furriest family members bring brought to Celebrity homes! Via: Caitlyn Jenner and her new pup People Caitlyn introduced the newest family member on June 5th, two-month

13 Weird Animal Superstitions

Superstitions about animals have been passed down for generations and cultures throughout the world, most have roots going back to ancient times. Here are the most surprising ones (Via: Advanced IPM)  Via: Rabbits Via: Bats Via: Butterflies Via: Black Beetles pinterest Often called the “Deathwatch Beetle” old superstition says a black beetle crawling across your

These Amazing Photos Capture The First 30 Days Of A Rabbit’s Life With Some Fun Facts

1 Via: Imgur Rabbits usually live up to 8 years, but if they are spayed/neutered they can actually live up to 10-12 years! 3 Via: ? 4 Via: 5 Via: Imgur 7 Via: Imgur Rabbits have nearly 360° panoramic vision, which allows them to see everything that is coming up behind them, making it easier

11 Home Remedies To Refresh Those Gym Sneakers You’re Afraid To Go Near

So, you’ve gotten to the point where your sneakers smell so bad, they could probably raise your childhood pets from the dead. It’s fine. Really.No shame here. Godknows I’ve been there, especially as someone who would prefer never to wear socks which is, as far as unpleasant foot stenchgoes, the number one culprit. Luckily for