Daily Archive: Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rapper Schoolboy Q is livid that United Airlines idiots lost his dog

In the midst of a terrible year of PR, United Airlines has upset another one of its passengers. And this time, the airline is feeling the wrath from a famous pet-owner. Rapper Schoolboy Qwas traveling from Missouri to Burbank, California on Friday. He had a stopover in Denver, and thats apparently when his problems began.

The 5 Most Creatively Bizarre Military Units In History

War is terrible, but our popular culture is obsessed with it for a reason — the history of warfare is full of great, weird stories. So, if nothing else, we can give a shout out to those who were thinking outside the box and gave us … that doesn’t understand them — half the time

10 Things Fuckboys Say That Should Be An Immediate Red Flag

You’re on a date with a bro you met online and three Moscow mules in, you’re actually hitting it off and considering making out with him if he leaves a decent tip. That is, until he fucks it up by saying something dumb like “Crazy girls are just more into me” that sets off the

ScHoolboy Q calls out United for sending his dog to the wrong city

Image: AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK 2017 has been ruff for United Airlines and things don’t seem to be improving. The latest in a string of very bad incidents at the hands of the airline occurred on Friday after Quincy Matthew Hanley a rapper whom you likely know as ScHoolboy Q and his dog were placed on separate flights