Daily Archive: Friday, July 28, 2017

The highest paid comedians in the world are …

(CNN)Of all the things that have changed in comedy since the 1990s, this hasn’t: Jerry Seinfeld is still making bank. Forbes takes into account pretax income earned from projects like tours, films, TV shows and endorsements, but doesn’t account for money spent to pay the people who keep Hollywood spinning: managers, lawyers, agents and the

Meet the Superman saving the sun bears of Malaysia

Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia (CNN)With his wire-rimmed glasses and mild manner, Siew Te Wong could be described as a Malaysian Clark Kent. “I often call the sun bear a forgotten species,” Wong said. “When I first started, 20 years ago, no one has ever studied sun bears. Most people do not know that they even exist.”

Some People Are Extending Their Vegan Diets To Their Pets — Is That Safe?

In a recent Reddit thread, vets and vet techs weighed in on the issue, saying that it’s possible but expensive and time-consuming to have a pet with a veggie-based died. Chewy A 10-pound bag of this vegan dog food costs $35.99, which is the price of a 40-pound bag of many other high-quality dog foods.

The high-flying heroes saving animals from kill shelters.

On a clear, sunny day, Galaxy took flight. The lanky white German shepherd soared high above the clouds on a private plane, a far cry from the streets of Southaven, Mississippi, where she was found. After getting used to the motion, Galaxy settled in to relax. She was finally going home. All images via Pilots

Shetland firefighters use oxygen masks for animals – BBC News

“Having this additional equipment means we can now resuscitate a wide range of animals if the need arises. “From my own personal experience as an operational fire officer, I have seen how valuable oxygen therapy equipment can be in reviving both people and animals, having used it on cats, dogs, birds and even a tortoise