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Dogs: An Amazing Animal Family review canine genealogy with a soundtrack to howl for

Patrick Aryee is in his element in a show thats mostly about saying awwww. Plus Clare Balding on Who Do You Think You Are? A dog tree! In pictures of goats in a tree, except these are dogs, not known for their tree-climbing skills. How do they get them up there, stay still, and then

McDonald’s Employee Fired For Tweeting Gross Pictures

What are the people of the internet prattling on about now? Why, let us tell you! None of us are really surprised, right? We don’t go to McDonalds because we think our body is a temple. We go because it’s cheap, it’s tastes disgustingly good, and to spite our arteries, those fussy little bastards. So

He Told His Dog To Sit And Stay. The Rest Of His Story Will Break Your Heart.

Why Scratching is Vital for Your Cats Health And Well Being

Scratching is a completely normal and healthy behavior that most cats engage in, and it serves many purposes. In order to peacefully cohabitate with our cats, it’s necessary to understand why they may engage in what we consider to be a negative activity and then provide them with an alternative that is acceptable to us

California Community Worried That ‘Chupacabras’ Are Stalking Their Pets

Cary Shuker told the Press-Enterprise that he shooed away a hairless creature from near his home in Riverside. He described it as two feet longer than the biggest coyote youve ever seen and with a tail like a rat. It was cussing me out, basically, he told the newspaper. I stole its breakfast. It was