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A brief guide to eternal youth get a dog, avoid tax and inject teenage blood

Recent studies suggest that being neurotic and drinking coffee could help you live longer. But theres no shortage of other theories about how to stay young You know what never gets old? Nothing. We are all slowly decaying and eventually we will all die. With any luck, this reminder of your mortality has prompted you

Japanese woman died from tick-borne illness despite no tick bite, officials say

A woman in Japan who died from a tick-borne illness after being bitten by a stray cat is believed to be the first case of a human being infected with the disease without being directly bitten by a tick. The woman died 10 days after being bitten by a presumably sick stray cat, health ministry

Before And After Photos Of Shelter Dog Will Make You Want To Adopt All The Doggos

#UnlikelyPetTricks That Will Make You Laugh (10 gifs)

The Unlikely Game on twitter decided to play a new game… #UnlikelyPetTricks! It was hosted by @bigmacher and @aslowriot and we present to you ten hilarious Unlikely Tricks users came up with! 1 Hashtag warrior #UnlikelyPetTricks pic.twitter.com/TeHqHGW4h3 — Dont Thinkso (@DontThinkso555) July 25, 2017 2 #UnlikelyPetTricks carry my bags when I go shopping pic.twitter.com/tTr2Gu4Kch — Ashley Nicoleâš¡ï¸Â