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13 Reasons To Stop What Youre Doing And Get A Dwarf Donkey, Right Now!

Looking for a pet but are not interested in the standard dog or cat option? Well, if you want something different, you may be interested in a mini-donkey! These guys truly are a trip as youre about to see. Theyre about as cute as it gets. Total fur-balls with precious looking mugs! Dwarf Donkeys are

Without My Pets…

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The Strange Animal Known As A ‘Caracal’

When we think of wildcats, what first comes to mind are the big cats – tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards and snow leopards. These animals are all incredibly large, but they also separate themselves from other wildcats through their ability to roar. They are all highly skilled at hunting, and they are all extremely dangerous. However, we often forget

Evil Kitten

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Why The Blockbuster Movie Bubble Will Burst In 2018

In 2013, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predicted the film industry as we know it would “implode” if/when, in the near future, too many wildly expensive blockbuster movies flopped. And if ever there were a year for an implosion on that scale to occur it would be 2018, the year when there are nearly as

The Faces Of These Pets Staring At Food

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Pet adoption is the new online dating

Head to any animal shelter and youll meet at least a few dogs who were given away by families after realizing they werent a good fit. Perhaps the terrier didnt get along with the kids, or the golden retriever needed more human interaction than the busy full-time-career parents could provide. Enter a new, sort-of online

Your Purebred Is Inbred: 5 Realities Of Dog Breeding

Slowly domesticating wolves into good old Fido had been one of the best things that mankind has ever done, right up until we refused to stop fucking with the canine formula. Instead, we started breeding pooches to more and more precise specifications (“the ears must be 1-inch smaller,” “the face must be 20 percent droopier”),

New Program Lets Kids Practice Reading While Shy Shelter Dogs Learn to Socialize

An innovative program at the Missouri Humane Society is helping kids practice reading in front of a non-judgemental audience while shy shelter dogs learn to socialize with humans, increasing their chances for adoption. The Shelter Buddies Reading Program also helps reduce the anxiety of shelter pets while nurturing empathy amongst the participating children. To participate,

Matt Dawson: I had to have heart surgery after a tick bite – BBC News

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe former England rugby player tells 5 live that having Lyme Disease was “seriously debilitating” When former England rugby player Matt Dawson was bitten by a tick in a London park early last year, it caused a bacterial infection to spread through his body. “I had two