Daily Archive: Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Man Is Declared Brave For Finding His Wife Attractive

What stupid crap is everyone talking about right now? Well… Milkshake Duck [melk-sheyk-duhk]; noun: 1) Someone who goes viral for something heartwarming, only to be revealed to be a complete tool 2) A milkshake made out of ducks. Etymology: “The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We

World’s lamest cyborg? My microchip isn’t cool now but it could be the future

Olivia Solon felt more key fob than RoboCop after getting implanted with a microchip to make contactless purchases. But the future could hold much more I took two deep breaths, then a tattooed piercer called Andy stabbed me in the fleshy part of my hand between the forefinger and thumb, injecting a tiny microchip encased

The First Ever Comedy Pet Photo Awards Are Hilarious

From the people that brought you the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards comes the first ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards. And the images certainly dont disappoint. Photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks collected more than 2,500 entries, and theyve now whittled those down to a final 40. They plan to pick the winners in early September,

Dubai’s Torch Tower catches fire — again

(CNN)A blaze tore through Dubai’s Torch Tower for the second time in two years as firefighters frantically worked to save the 84-story building. There were no immediate reports of injuries, the Dubai Media Office tweeted.

Mailman Installs Ramp Outside Of A Home On His Route For The Most Amazing Reason

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