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21 Precious And Hilarious Photos That Prove Waking Up To Animals Is The Best

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The 4 Most Underratedly Dark Scenes In Disney History

The name “Disney” is basically synonymous with the phrase “happily ever after.” Nearly every Disney movie ends with the main characters defeating the Big Bad, solving their magical problems, and getting married. We’re supposed to believe that everything will be fine from that point until the end of time (or at least until the inevitable,

10 free ways to treat yourself

Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images As Donna and Tom always said, it’s important to… And what excellent advice that is. Whether you’re a little down, you’ve been slaying the game lately, or it’s just a regular ol’ Tuesday, everyone deserves a treat every now and again. SEE ALSO: You should probably think twice about buying Girl

Youve Definitely Never Seen an Animal Shelter Like THIS Before

hat do you think of when you imagine an animal shelter? Row after row of small, dingy cages with sad-looking animals and flickering fluorescent lighting? Or do you imagine a vast, modern space with an educational center, a delicious cafe, interactive exhibits and high-tech adoption suites where you can spend quality time with each adoptable