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Emmanuel Macron is right to want Brigitte to be Frances first lady | Anne Perkins

Making Brigitte Macron Frances first lady would formally recognise the unique demands of the role, says Guardian columnist Anne Perkins In an early series of Claire Underwood the future US first lady articulates the essential dilemma of the modern political spouse, of a woman who has her own life and her own ambitions. We used

10 Ways To Handle The College Roommate From Actual Hell

College life is about getting a great education, but let’s be real: It’s also about the overall experience. You’ll be enjoying the social activities, cafeteria food (if you’re lucky), and of course, dorm life. In fact, dorm life will be the biggest part of the experience since you’ll be spending more time there than in

Disney apps spying on children, lawsuit claims

The Walt Disney Company has been slapped with a lawsuit claiming that more than 40 of its smartphone apps are illegally spying on children. The class-action lawsuit alleges that Disney is violating the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The law, passed in 1998, was designed to protect the privacy of children online. “COPPA imposes

Splashing dog has the most fun in her backyard kiddie pool

Dogs and humans alike gotta enjoy those summertime vibes while they last. The weather is warm and the skies are clear, so that makes it the perfect time for taking a dip in the pool. To enjoy those summer vibes, Teal the Labrador retriever took some time to splash around in her backyard pool and

35 Random Memes That Will Banish Your Boredom

We may not be able to let you clock out physically, but we can help you clock out mentally.  1 Via: anlyin 3 Via: anlyin 5 Via: anlyin 7 Via: anlyin 9 Via: anlyin 11 Via: anlyin 13 Via: anlyin 15 Via: anlyin 17 Via: anlyin 19 Via: anlyin 21 Via: anlyin 23 Via: anlyin