Daily Archive: Sunday, August 13, 2017

Asias Harry Potter obsession poses threat to owls

From Indonesia to India, wild birds are being sold as pets to families who want their own Hedwig. Ecologists call for protection to help species survive The Harry Potter phenomenon has broken publishing and cinema box-office records and spawned a series of lucrative theme parks. But wildlife experts are sounding the alarm over a sad

Hilarious Dog Comes Up With Perfect Solution To Owner’s Demands To Leave The Park

The Creepy, Underhanded Ways Chefs Put Food On The Table

Barney Stinson taught us the importance of “knowing a guy,” and it’s an even more valuable skill set than you might think. Some people put professional-grade guy-knowing to use in the business or social service fields, while others enter slightly murkier waters, like acquiring exotic foods for restaurants in illicit ways. Not only is that

Big bucks and billy goats: Meeting the new influencers of Instagram

There's more to these kids than you think.Image: mashable composite/the riley farm rescue/puget sound goat rescue Theodore is a goat and a hero. But if you’re one of his 6,816 followers on the Riley Farm Rescue Instagram account, you already knew that. He recently helped save another goat, Clarabelle, when she got stuck on the

How Tonight’s Eclipse Will Improve Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Good news, readers. Tonight is a full moon eclipse, giving us the perfect excuse for layingin bed all night and for ourlack of emotional control or stability. These are the moments when I can say, thank GAWDfor astrology, because I’m genuinely in need of an explanation for why I’m an emotionaltornado ripping through the lives