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14 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Attachment To Your Dog

1. You’ve willingly said no to plans because of your dog. Clubs? Gallery Openings? Even just a party ten minutes from your place? HARD. PASS. You have a fluff ball of love to get back to and no one will stop you! “Hey we’re all going to hit happy hour because they give away free

South Korean Tattoo Artist Turns Your Pets Into Pawsome Tattoos

Even though tattoos are illegal in South Korea, a Seoul-based artist named Jiran is known for specializing in unique and fun pet tattoos. Instead of focusing on extreme detailing, Jiran recreates the pets in a fun way. Every single one of his cartoon-like tattoos is cheerful and brings out the pets’ true spirit. You can find

13+ Of The Funniest Animal Fails Ever

Cat Walks For The First Time After Receiving Titanium Prosthetic Legs

Vincent the cat was born with an abnormality inhis hind legs, which meanthe couldn’t walk. Abandoned as a kitten, he was left in the hands of the Story County Animal Shelter in Iowa. Usually, it’s bad news for a kitten in this position. However, thanks to the determination of workers at the shelter, some top

10+ Alpacas That Will Make Your Day

Did you know that there are only two breeds of alpaca? One is the Huacaya and the other is the Suri. Huacaya alpacas have fluffy fur like teddy bears, while the latter have long wavy hair. Also, while many people often confuse alpacas and llamas, they’re actually distinct in many ways. Llamas for example have