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Newborn Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive by TreeThen the Doctors Realize the Soil Saved His Life

ShareTweet Babies are some of the most fragile and beautiful little creatures that God blesses this world with. Theyre also some of the most resilient. Baby Aidin has been fighting for his life since the day he took his first breath. The baby boywho was born in Thailandwas found in February, but not resting peacefully

Summer solstice 2017: Stonehenge crowds as sun rises – BBC News

“This was a successful policing operation with only seven arrests, and we are glad that attendees were able to enjoy the celebrations in a friendly and positive manner as they waited for the sunrise,” said Supt Dave Minty. Image copyright PA Image copyright PA Image copyright PA The summer and winter solstices hold particular significance

New Law Passed: Pet Stores Can ONLY Sell Rescued Animals. This Is Genius!

Heres an idea whose time has finally. Rather than have pet stores obtain animals from puppy mills, why not require them to get their dogs and cats from actual animal shelters that house thousands of animals, many of which end up being euthanized? Well Arizona is leading the way as it has now made it

The 5 Shadiest Practices Of Modern Pet Stores

Who doesn’t love having a pet? America is chock full of dogs and cats — 70 million and 75 million of them, respectively. Factor in the guinea pigs, birds, and chinchillas, and damn son, we’re up to our nips in critters. And where do all these animals come from? If you’re like me, you stalk

Florida woman’s Facebook photo of dog with mouth taped closed sparks outcry

On Friday, Katie Brown of South Daytona, Florida, posted a photo of her chocolate Labrador retriever to which wouldn’t have been notable but for the fact that she had apparently duct-taped its mouth shut. “This is what happens when you dont shut up!!!” she wrote in a caption. via Facebook In no time at all,