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Animals get to use their own bathrooms at JFK airport | Fox News

In this April 26, 2016 photo, a sign marks the new pet relief area opened April 4 in New york’s JFK’s Terminal 4. (AP) NEW YORK –  Little Simba couldn’t wait to check it out. The toy poodle was among the first to try a special bathroom just for animals at New York’s John F.

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As The Editor Of Hefty Dog Magazine, I Swear To Bring You Only The Most Accurate Information About Overweight Dogs In This Age Of Misinformation

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Dog Hides Entire Sandwich In His Mouth

They often can’t help themselves. Dogs instinctually will stuff their faces until they are sick as a way to store up calories for the future when food may be more scare.This dog obviously couldn’t help himself. His owner caught him looking guilty and realized the poor pup had stuffed an entire sandwich in his mouth

Dog Adorably Terrifies Cats Stalking Bird

They were such scaredy cats that they literally jumped into the air!   Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com