Daily Archive: Monday, September 4, 2017

Moms Post About Ex Shows How Couples Can Remain Friends After Divorce

Divorce can get really messy. If there are no kids involved, it’s a different situation, but the addition of children brings a whole new dynamic to the equation. While most couples try their best to remain civil, that’s not always the case. But there are those who realize that just because they weren’t meant to

Familys Group Text About Their Cats Death Has Absurdly Hilarious Twist

I once looked out my kitchen window and saw my mom and neighbor burying my neighbor’s dead cat in my garden. The cat was wearing a sweater to “keep him warm in that big catnip plant in the sky.” That’s why I relate to this story so much in that it also involves parents and

Woman Brings Dog To Furry Convention, Thinking It’s A Gathering For Pets

Cheryl Wassus of Monroe, Michigan, is a volunteer withPets for Vets, a nonprofit that matches therapy dogs with military veterans. When Wassus learned that Motor City Furry Conin Novi, Michigan, was raising money for the organization, she assumed it must be a pet-themed convention. Twitter/kenny wassus It was a reasonable mistake. For those unaware, furries

Tamagotchi are back, and ’90s kids can’t contain their excitement

If you’re a young adult who remembers the electronic pet craze of the mid-1990s, brace yourself:Tamagotchi are back. Kids sold their parents on the egg-shaped electronic pets back in the day claiming they would teach them “responsibility,” but really we all just wanted one because they were new and cool. Little did we know we

Believe there’s nothing left in nature that can surprise you? Guess again.

1. The Klipspringer could probably jump over your house. Have a silver dollar nearby? Hold it in your hand. Now picture a 40-pound, 3-foot-tall deer balanced delicately on it. Congratulations, you’ve caught a klipspringer! A klipspringer jumping about 20% as high as it could if it really wanted to. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the klipspringer