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Some people don’t deserve pets.

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Woman Takes Dog To ‘Furry’ Convention, Doesn’t Realize It’s Not For Dogs

This may be a bit too telling of myself, but I used to be pretty big into anime. No, this isnt a furry coming out story. (Besides, Im pretty sure all furries start off thinking Disneys Robin Hood was hot.) Disney My brother and I were watching our VHS boxset of Outlaw Star and in

Vetted raises $3.3M to treat your pet at home

Whats worse than going to the doctor? Taking your pet to the doctor. Not only is it a major hassle to actually transport your dog or cat to the vet, but you usually end up paying way too much for way too little time spent with the actual veterinarian. Vetted wants to change this. The

Little girl has adorable plan to sell her younger brother to the pet store

This little girl named Rachel knows what she wants, and she has a plan to get it. Don’t let the adorable little smile and the silly frog hat fool youRachel’s going to end up on Forbes’ Top CEOs list one day. And she’s already making business proposals. YouTube You can watch Rachel’s whole plan below.

Meet Patton, the Goldendoodle who hopes to become the next ‘First Dog’

Patton is seen inside his Manalapan, Fla., home.  (Capehart Photography) Patton, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle and offspring of American military hero service dogs, likes to swim outside his Florida home, eat scrambled eggs and carry around a giant rawhide bone. He’s also poised to become the next “First Dog” to run the grounds of the White

100 years of Dog Breeding Before And After

An oblong head, well-arched toes, a broad chest, and nostrils tilted downward at the tipwhat could be more attractive? This is the epitomeof beauty for Bull Terriers,at least according to dog show standards. Yet, the inner workings of purebred dogs may not be quite as exquisite as their glossy fur suggests. Heart disease, kidney disease,